Chris Cortoza is Coldwell Bankers top real estate agent – in the world.

When asked who is “Chris Cortozo” he replied with: “I’m a Nice guy”.

Seemingly, a genuine ‘Nice Guy’ who has been able to net billions of dollars for himself through his apparent skills in real estate, he is one of the wealthiest real estate agents in the world.

He is known for having done more than $1.5 Billion dollars in sales and has only been selling homes in Malibu as well as other affluent areas only since 2009.

And has also starred in Bravo’s 1st season of million dollar listing in 2007.

“Everyone wants to know the secret to my success and it’s hard-work and integrity” says Cortozo.

Integrity is “Critical” says Cortozo to being a successful real estate agent, and to see the type of success he has seen.

Cortozo’s most memorable sale, was when a client of his had a pawn shop who owned a dog named Margo which was an attack dog.

He wen’t into their house and crawling up on the counter when he found out he was inside the house with an attack dog.

In one week within 7 escrows all 7 fell out during one of Chris’ worst failures during what most real estate agents would consider their worst years. Instead of letting it bring him down, he was able to turn those 7 failures into 7 successes and ended up being his best year ever.

He says it’s all a matter of turning the negatives into a positives, working hard, and having integrity.

No deal, sale or commission is worth losing your reputation over.


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