Living in high-rise property

We have all seen and marveled at those gigantic sky-scrapers which make the sky look like a narrow strip of blue between these titans of steel and glass and concrete. But how many of us have lived on the 40th or 50th or 60th floor? Here we can tell you a little bit more about the advantages and disadvantages of high-rise tenancy.

Advantages of living up high

Having an address high up in the sky not only gives you a chance to enjoy the breath-taking views, but also lowers your overall cost of living. It is much more economical to live in buildings with many tenants because your utility and maintenance costs will be much lower. Living in a villa carries serious additional costs, not only for regular maintenance and monthly bills but also for landscaping and other, sometimes hidden costs. But if you live up high, with many neighbors around you, you will be able to enjoy smaller monthly bills, and you will also have cheaper access to amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and other recreational activities.

The location is also a very important, if not the most important factor because most high-rise buildings is carefully positioned to allow good access to transport hubs and other important infrastructure. Also, you can expect to live close to malls, restaurants, parks, schools and shops, which can sometimes be withing the building itself. Finally, you can expect to interact with many people, as opposed to living in houses.


Disadvantages of high floors

The biggest concerns when it comes to living in a building with a high floor count are the security and safety concerns. Modern construction technologies allowed us to build a very tall building, but no matter how strong and resilient these buildings are, they will never be completely resistant to earthquakes, for example. Strong winds can also be a hazard, although modern solutions have shown good results in battling wind effects in tall buildings. Finally, fires are a very serious hazard in the tall building because evacuation is the biggest problem. A Tall building can present fire hazards due to materials involved in construction, the building process itself and because the security personnel can be under-trained. Besides all this, water leaks and plumbing issues can also present serious problems. Finally, living close to your neighbors is not always good, because you will be surrounded by parties, babies, and pets and all of these can be noisy.